International Women's Day 2004


Conference Information

Important Notice Regarding Registration

Please note:  Effective Tuesday, February 4 - Tripod (our web host) is experiencing server problems.  Therefore, we recommend that you do not use the online form.  Until this is fixed you have three choices:
  • print the online registration form and fax it to:  902-490-0723
  • send an email to registrations with the same information that is requested on the online registration form, or
  • inform your worksite coordinator of your preferred workshop choices

***If you have already submitted the online form, you or your worksite coordinator can contact Rhonda to verify that registration has been received.*** 

If the web server problems are corrected we will remove this notice from the web.

Keep in mind that some workshops have limited spacing and they are filling up quickly.  The deadline for registration is February 14.
Thank you for your understanding.