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Visit this page for all the latest  updates regarding the 2005 International Women's Day Event being held this year.

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The International Women's Day Organizing Committee is thrilled that there will be almost 550 women to celebrate with! 
Please note that the changes, additions, cancellations and special requests have been pouring in.  We are planning on sending out the final confirmations on Monday, March 7.  Please be patient if you are waiting for a reply and know that the committee is trying to do their best to accommodate everybody. 
You are welcome to forward any cancellations or requests up until Wednesday, March 9.
Thank you!
IWD Organizing Committee
As of February 11, we have over 530 women registered and almost all  of the workshops are completely filled up.  The workshop confirmations will go out to coordinators on either Wednesday, February 16 or Thursday, February 17.  Coordinators are asked to forward the information on to the participants and check for errors, etc.  Amendments and cancellations will need to be sent in no later than Monday, February 28.
When you receive your workshop confirmations and if you see a "sorry-full" or "sorry-time", this indicates that the workshop choice(s) that you requested were unavailable.  If you wish to select another workshop, you can try to select from the following workshops, however, please note than many only have a few openings left. 
Morning Workshop (Session A): 
  • Latin Rhythms
  • Chiropractic Health & Wellness
  • Streetproofing Your Children

First afternoon workshop, (Session B):

Session B workshops are filled up at this time.  If there is a certain workshop that you especially want to attend, please indicate this when responding to the confirmations.  Some workshops may open up if there are cancellations.

Second afternoon workshop, (Session C):
  • Streetproofing Your Kids (only a couple of openings available)
  • Chakra Yoga
  • Put Some Passion Into Your Financial Planning

Thank you for your patience. 


As of February 8, we have more than 350 women registered for the conference and many more workshops are filled up.  For the first morning (A) workshop we still have openings in:

  • Latin Rhythms
  • Everyday Yoga
  • Chiropratic Health & Wellness
  • Healthy Eating & Trans Fats

For the first afternoon workshop, session B, we only have openings in the following workshops:

  • Latin Rhythms (only a few spaces left)
  • Smart Women Retire Rich & Happy
For the second afternoon workshop, session C, we have openings in the following workshops:
  • Streetproofing Your Kids
  • Latin Rhythms (only a few spaces left)
  • Chakra Yoga
  • Wills & Estate Planning (only a few spaces left)
  • Put Some Passion Into Your Financial Planning

We apologise if the workshop you were hoping to attend is full.  They range in size from 20 participants to over a 100 and many do fill up quickly. 

Please note that the Registration Confirmations will be distributed to worksite coordinators next week (the week of February 14).

Thanks for your continued interest!

Registrations are arriving steadily.  Over 200 participants are registered.  Thank you to the worksite coordinators for forwarding the registrations! 
Please note that the following workshops are full (as of February 2):
  • (13) Lunch & Learn on Trans Fats (B Session)
  • (17) Make Mental Health Matter
  • (19) Massage (Both sessions)

Please visit the Workshops section of this site for regular updates.


On January 24th information packages will be delivered electronically and through the mail to the worksite coordinators. 
The worksite coordinators will then distribute the conference information.  All women who are interested in attending will inform their worksite coordinator who will then submit the registration information to the committee. 
If you are not sure who the worksite coordinator is for your office, please contact:  IWD Organizing Committee
Please check the website often as we will updating as information becomes available.  
Also note that workshops fill up quickly.  Before submitting your registration, you can check the website to see if the workshop that you want to attend has been filled.