International Women's Day 2010


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The International Women's Day Organizing Committee is thrilled once again to offer a great selection of workshop choices and learning opportunities.

Available Workshops for 2009

Please note that certain workshops have limited seating and that they may not be offered in all three sessions. 



  1. Healthy Hormones: There's more to hormones than just menopause!  Learn how naturopathic medicine can help you be well and stay well.  As women, our lives are intimately connected with our hormones.  Learn how diet, nutrition, lifestyle, herbal medicine and acupuncture can help create a healthy hormonal environment.  This year's talk will include new information about thyroid and adrenal health and how diet can help you improve your hormone health. Topics will include PMS, pregnancy, fertility, hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, menopause and breast cancer prevention. Facilitator: Dr. Jennifer Huber,   (Session A  Only)


  1. Top 9 of 2009: Top 9 Nutrition Recommendations of 2009. Facilitator: Laurie Barker Jackman, Community Dietitian, Sobeys (Session A and B)


  1. Get Organized for the Health of It: Did you know that your chaotic routine and cluttered physical and mental environments may be making you sick or keeping you sick?  Participants will hone their skills through interactive exercises and helpful tips.  Consider what improved organizing skills can do for you. Facilitator: Alana Green, Organize Anything B Only)


  1. Massage Therapy: Massage for a Healthier & Happier You: In this workshop participants will receive a massage and learn self massage techniques to relieve muscle pain and stress. Facilitators: Denise LeBlanc and Melissa O’Reilly (Session B & C) Both sessions full.


  1. Qigong:   More information to follow.  Facilitator: Dana Marcon, Kaizen Coaching  (Session A, B and C)


  1. Yoga:   Yoga offers a perfect balance to the pace and content of our modern lifestyles.  This workshop will cover simple ways to find balance, leaving you feeling less stressed, more peaceful, healthy, and free in your day to day life. All levels of flexibility are welcome.  Please bring a yoga mat or a towel; however there will be chairs for those who wish to sit and watch and participate just a bit.  Facilitator: Mandee Labelle,   (Sessions A only)


  1. Sensual Sculpt: Get in touch with your divine as you stretch and sculpt your way to a blissful body.  During class you will experience a series of exercises to help discover mobility in your spine, lower/upper back, hips and pelvis. Using the floor, the wall and a chair for resistance and support, you will engage in the most sensual approach to stretching and sculpting your body and easing your mind. It is recommended that you bring a yoga mat and water. Facilitator: Trena Graham.   (Session B Only) 


  1. Flirty Fit:  Flirty Fit is an 8 week body toning class featuring ultra flirty moves that will get your heart a pumping and your hips a shaking. This is a great class for anyone looking to learn some oo-la-la flirty moves that will tone your body while burning away those unwanted calories! A knock-out class that is bound to change your body. It is recommended that you bring a yoga mat and water. Facilitator: Linda Elmore.   (Session B Only) 


  1. Cardio Kickbox: This easy-to-follow aerobic kickboxing workout is designed to help get your heart pumping as you tone and reshape your entire body. You will master the basics of kickboxing as you shuffle, punch, kick, and jab your way to a leaner physique. This invigorating workout is an ideal way to help tighten up such common problem areas as glutes, abs, thighs, shoulders, and arms. Kickboxing is known to burn up to 800 calories an hour and increase endurance.  It is recommended that you bring a yoga mat and water. Facilitator: Linda Elmore.   (Session C Only) 



  1. Latin Dance:  So you want to learn Latin dance.  This workshop will bring dance and exercise to a new level.  You will learn to move to rhythms like Salsa, Tango, and Cha,Cha. Facilitator:Leslie Carvery (Sessions A,B and C)


  1. Anti-Harassment – Creating a Healthy Work Environment: The purpose of this workshop is to introduce participants to the JLP (Joint Learning Program and our learning kits by offering a sample exercise used in the JLP to equip individual employees with the knowledge and skills to proactively and effectively advocate for a healthy harassment-free workplace. Facilitators: Lynn Jones and Angela Léger, JLP. (Session A &  C) 


  1. Violence in the Workplace – Enough is Enough!: This workshop will explore why violence is a workplace issue, what the effects of workplace violence are, how workers can be protected and what the role of Unions are in combating this issue.  Workers are entitled to a safe and healthy work environment. Facilitator: Nancy MacLean (Sessions A Only)


  1. Surprise, There's a Body Attached to Your Head: Using proven and fun techniques and exercises, you will build awareness of the body as a communication tool for more effective presentations, team dynamics, problem solving and performance under pressure.  Focus is on the importance of mind/body connection and comfort with physical expression in order to tap into your personal potential.  The intention is to wake up the body and encourage relaxation, self-confidence and creativity.  Be motivated, energized and have fun! Facilitator: Shelley Wallace, (Session A Only)


  1. Take Control of Email: Did You Know: 85% of Business Communicators say E-mail overload is having a negative impact on their productivity? During this session, participants will gain a renewed sense of clarity, calm and control and will become more efficient, effective and productive in managing e-mail communication.  Facilitator: Jane Veldhover, Get Organized Professional Services.  (Session A)


  1. Let’s Get Organized @ Home: This session will guide participants through the essentials of becoming better organized at home. Designed especially for busy  professionals, participants will learn specific ways to organize time, space and ‘stuff’ at home after they’ve spent the whole day at the office trying to stay organized. Understand easy to implement techniques and systems for clearing clutter (both physical and psychological) and helping the household to run more efficiently so more time can be spent with family. Participants will feel less stress, more in control and even save money! Facilitator: Jane Veldhover, Get Organized Professional Services. (Session C)


  1. Women and the Media: The purpose of this workshop is to explore and challenge how women and girls are negatively portrayed in the mass media. Facilitators: Rhonda Doyle LeBlanc and Daryl Doyle LeBlanc (Session B Only)


  1. Strategic Investment Planning During Market Volatility: This seminar will discuss strategies that will help you feel more comfortable and in control of your investments when markets are turbulent. Workshop includes strategies for all levels of investors. Facilitator: Allison Edwards, Investors Group (Session A and B)


  1. W.A.S.P: W.A.S.P (Women’s Awareness Survival Program), a dynamic self-defense system for adult women 12 years and above. This is not a martial arts class but rather a street oriented self-defense and rape awareness program with a heavy emphasis on mental preparedness. (Sessions A, B and C)


  1. Personal Safety for Women:  Participants will be provided with personal safety information designed to raise their awareness and will include information on home and community safety.  Awareness is essential in preventing victimization. Facilitator: Cst, Jeannie Rankin (Session B Only)


  1. Aboriginal Talking Circle: Discussion around aboriginal women's history, healing and experience.  Facilitator: Monique Fong from Healing Our Nations.(Session C Only)


  1. My parents are Getting Older...Now What? Discussion based around resources available for taking care of aging parents, how to look after aging parents including physical, mental, and financial issues. Also to be discussed is role reversal, understanding the need for older persons to take risks, etc. Facilitator: Valerie White, CEO of NS Government Programs. (Session C Only)


  1. Greyhound Rescue: Have you ever been curious about retired racing greyhounds? Wondering what breed of dog is right for your family? Do you already have a pet with behaviour problems and you don't know what to do? Are you wondering if you should get a dog when you have small children? Jeanette Reynolds, the founder of Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada will be on hand to answer these questions and shed light on the greyhound racing industry in the United States. She will explain the role of adoption and rescue groups and show what sort of pets they make and what they are like to live with. Along with that, she will be able to answer your questions concerning other breeds of dogs. . Facilitator: Jeanette Reynolds. (Session C Only)


  1. Introduction to Scrapbooking:  Scrapbooking is a paper craft that encompasses memorabilia, photographs, and the written word to create keepsake albums. In this class you will learn about the hobby of scrapbooking. Facilitator: Jillian LeBlanc, Photo Memories.  (Session C Only)