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International Women's Day 2008


The International Women's Day Organizing Committee is thrilled once again to offer a great selection of workshop choices and learning opportunities.

Available Workshops for 2008

Please note that certain workshops have limited seating and that they may not be offered in all three sessions. 


  1. Healthy Hormones: There's more to hormones than just menopause!  Learn how naturopathic medicine can help you be well and stay well.  As women, our lives are intimately connected with our hormones.  Learn how diet, nutrition, lifestyle, herbal medicine and acupuncture can help create a healthy hormonal environment.  Topics will include PMS, pregnancy, fertility, menopause and breast cancer prevention. Facilitator: Dr. Jennifer Huber, www.pillarsofhealth.ca   (Session A Only) This is a large workshop - there are openings remaining.


  1. Love Smart - Find the One You Want; Fix the One You Got:  Make detailed lists of the qualities that you are looking for in a mate; five broad categories cover everything from social skills to physical appearance.  Once a clear picture is formed of the ideal partner, it all boils down to marketing.  Learn some useful techniques for your dating life and married life. Facilitator: Dana Marcon, Kaizen Coaching www.danamarcon.com  (Session A Only) Only a couple workshop spots remaining.


  1. Sensual Sculpt: Get in touch with your divine as you stretch and sculpt your way to a blissful body.  This class is about connecting your mind and your body as you slow down, take a breath and explore some new and exciting ways to get your body into shape.  Not only will you experience a total body workout, but you will also explore your body's natural movement and power. Facilitator: Trena Graham, www.trenasstudioofdance.com   (Session B Only) This workshop is full.
  2. Spells that Women Cast Upon Themselves:  Powerful Potions for Breaking Them:  This tongue in cheek, humorous, and light-hearted presentation highlights some self-limiting behaviors (spells) that can detract from a woman's personal power in a professional environment. Facilitator:  Barb Fry (Sessions: A Only) This workshop is full.


  1. Surprise, There's a Body Attached to Your Head: Using proven and fun techniques and exercises, you will build awareness of the body as a communication tool for more effective presentations, team dynamics, problem solving and performance under pressure.  Focus is on the importance of mind/body connection and comfort with physical expression in order to tap into your personal potential.  The intention is to wake up the body and encourage relaxation, self-confidence and creativity.  Be motivated, energized and have fun! Facilitator: Shelley Wallace, www.bodylingo.ca  (Sessions A & B) These workshops are full.


  1. Going Whole Grain for 2008:  Learn what whole grains are; the benefits to your health, tips to cooking whole grains and choosing them from the grocery store shelves. Facilitator: Jennifer Hamm, Sobeys (Sessions B & C)   

7.      Clean and Green at Home and at Work: This workshop will focus on simple ideas and tasks to make your immediate home and work environment greener without costing you large amounts of cash! It will also help you to inspire your family and friends while making you feel like you are doing your part to reduce your contributions to Climate Change!  Facilitator:  Tina Kane (Sessions A & B) The B session is full.


  1. Putting Equality Back on Track:  While the women's movement has paved the way for the advancement of women's issues, women are still faced with many challenges to achieve equality.  This workshop will reflect upon the benefits women have gained as a result of the women's movement. Discuss what's getting in the way and what women need to TRULY achieve equality and, explore ideal strategies for change. Facilitator: Crystal Taylor (Sessions A & B) The B session is full.


  1. Stretching the already stretched dollar: Are you... a penny taker or a penny saver? Could a spending plan be fun? Join me as I attempt to convert the  skeptical...Learn about the cost of credit, a step by step approach to tailoring your own spending plan, the difference between needs and wants (not so easy some times), get priceless tips on how to save on  groceries, teach your kids about the value of managing their money, find out exactly what a credit report is and why it's important, how  everyday consumers can build and emergency fund and much more.   Facilitator: Jocelyne Brown. (Sessions A & B)


  1. Personal and Internet Safety for Women: Participants will be provided with personal and internet safety information designed to raise their awareness, improve their confidence to aid in preventing their victimization.  Facilitator:  Const. Winnell Jackson (Sessions A and B)


  1. Massage for a Healthier & Happier You: In this workshop participants will receive a massage and learn self massage techniques to relieve muscle pain and stress. Facilitators:  Veronica Martinez & student therapists will also be helping out. (Sessions A & B) This workshop is completely filled up.


  1. Yoga...ahhhh! Yoga offers a perfect balance to the pace and content of our modern lifestyles.  This workshop will cover simple ways to find balance, leaving you feeling less stressed, more peaceful, healthy, and free in your day to day life. All levels of flexibility are welcome.  Please bring a yoga mat or a towel; however there will be chairs for those who wish to sit and watch and participate just a bit.  Workshop will be led by Mandee Labelle.  www.yogaheart.ca  (Sessions A and B)


  1. Latin Dance:  So you want to learn Latin dance.  This workshop will bring dance and exercise to a new level.  You will learn to move to rhythms like Salsa, Tango, and Cha,Cha. Facilitator: Leslie Carvery (Sessions A,B and C) Session C is full.

14.  Chi Kung: "Chi kung is a holistic, healing, soft martial art for preventing illness and improving health. Participants will learn traditional chi kung breathing techniques for managing stress, controlled movements for increasing flexibility and mobility, and standing exercises for improving posture -- all this, and it's believed by many to have the power to extend life!"  Facilitator: R. Monikah MacLean (Sessions A, B and C) Sessions B & C are completely filled up.

15.  Introduction to Scrapbooking:  Want to see what scrapbooking is all about?  This hands-on session will introduce you to this fun activity. Facilitator: Michael's Arts and Crafts (Sessions A, B and C) Sessions B & C are completely filled up.

16.  Belly Dancing, the Women’s Movement: Learn the basic movements of belly dance in this fun and informative introduction to the world’s oldest dance form. Facilitator: Belinda Ferguson (Session: C) This workshop is completely filled up.

17. Aboriginal Talking Circle:  Discuss around aboriginal women's history, healing and experience.  Facilitator: Patricia Doyle-Bedwell (Session: C)