International Women's Day 2010

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The International Women's Day Organizing Committee is thrilled once again to offer a great selection of workshop choices and learning opportunities.

Available Workshops for 2010

Please note that certain workshops have limited seating and that they may not be offered in all three sessions. 
Workshop Description information to follow.


1 - Homeopathic Healthy Living

Facilitator: Dr. Taryn Deering, Pillars of Health


2 - Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Facilitator: Al Rodee


3 - Finance and Investing

Facilitator: Allison Edwards, Investors Group


4 - Listen to the Whispers/Ovarian Cancer

Facilitator: Name of presenter(s) to be confirmed


5 - Women and the Law

Facilitator: Shawna Hoyte, Dalhousie Legal Aid


6 – Pensions

Facilitator: Paulette Sadoway, Canadian Labour Congress


7 - Power Talk

Facilitator: Joan McKeough, PowerTalk Communications


8 - Salsa Dance

Facilitator: Leslie Carvery, Shake It Dance Studio


9 - Women and Hypertension

Facilitator: Brenda Tucker


10 - Personal Safety: Participants will be provided with personal safety information designed to raise their awareness and will include information on home and community safety.  Awareness is essential in preventing victimization. Facilitator: Constable Jeannie Rankin