International Women's Day Volunteers


The International Women's Day Event would not be possible without the volunteers

that make it happen. The Organizing Committee and Worksite Coordinators are

made up of volunteers from the Federal Public Service.


If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, there are many ways to get involved.


You can:

  • Be a member of the International Women's Day Organizing Committee
  • Be a worksite coordinator for your place of work - responsible for informing the women at your worksite about the conference, assisting with signing up and informing them of their confirmed workshop selections.
  • Be a moderator at the conference where you assist the speaker/facilitator in their workshop.
  • Or you can help out in other ways; sending in your suggestions for certain workshops and/or other recommendations are always welcome

It is easy to sign up and we always welcome new members!


To sign up, you can send an email to the IWD Organizing Committee, indicate your interest when you register or on the evaluation form provided to you at the conference.