No Scents Please
International Women's Day 2003


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Sensitivity to low levels of toxic chemicals is a serious and growing medical problem, disabling an increasing number of otherwise healthy people/workers. More women than men are affected, with symptoms that may include migraines, asthma attacks, facial swelling, eye irritation, vomiting or chest pains. Many people have been unable to attend courses or conferences in the past, have struggled and suffered through an event, or have had to leave because conditions become intolerable.

Products such as s perfumes, hair sprays, after shave lotions, felt markers, detergents and other cleaning solutions can provoke a mild to serious reaction in some people. All too often, we are not aware of the substances and chemicals being used around us, or the potential effects that scents products (or combination of products) may have. And unfortunately, many of us are unknowingly contributing to the discomfort and illness of others by the choice of product we wear on our clothes and ourselves.

We are asking for your cooperation creating a "scent-free" learning event. Information on scent-free products is not readily available so listed below is a range of products suggested by the Environmental Health clinic in Halifax. This list is not all-inclusive and some items may not be tolerated by some people, but it presents some viable options for us to consider. If you are interested in further information, contact the Clinic at (902) 428-7089.

Suggested Soaps and Shampoos:

Nature Clean Shampoo 
Liquid Glycerin - shampoo and body soap 
Goat Milk Soap 
Glycerin Soap (Bulk Barn) 
Woodbury Soap (any drug store) 
Marcelle Shampoo 
Mary Kay Hair Gel 
Earth Science Pure Essentials Fragrance Free Shampoo 
Dove unscented (may not be well tolerated by some people)

Suggested Deodorants:
Marcelle Roll On 
Crystal Rock 
Men's Mitchum Unscented Roll On (can be used by women and men) 
Mitchum Unscented


Suggested Body and Face Creams:
Aquatain - Unscented Body Lotion  Lubriderm - Unscented Body Lotion
Marcelle Face Cream  Almay Face Cream 
Clinique Face Cream  Noxema Sensitive Fragrance Free 
Nutrigena Non-comedone Face Cream  Complex 15

Cleaning Products and Laundry Detergents:
Shaklee Products (Basic H) non-toxic household cleaner and laundry detergent 
Tide Free laundry soap 
DownEast Homecare Products (petroleum based products): no chlorine, acids, dyes, perfumes or solvents. Dishwashing liquid, detergent, cleaner, heavy duty cleaner, window cleaner and scouring powder 
Nature Clean - dishwashing liquid, detergent, glass cleaner, toilet cleaner, shampoo, bleach (non-toxic, biodegradable, no perfume, dyes or solvents) 
Baking Sods (don't confuse with washing soda as it is scented) 
Tri-Clean Laundry Discs (highly recommended) 
Most products are available at local health food stores and/or local drug stores or grocery stores.

Original prepared by PSAC Halifax
September 7/98