International Women's Day 2004
Conference Information


Conference Information

Registration can be done through your worksite coordinator.   Worksite coordinators are volunteers from your place of work who are keeping records of attendees, and the workshops they wish to attend. Please note that the deadline for registration is February 13, 2004.

Special Considerations

This is a Barrier Free conference. Please identify specific requests with your registration.

American Sign Language will be provided for the plenary and for the workshops on request.

To accommodate participants with environmental sensitivities, a smoke-free and scent-free environment will be promoted and provided. Consult our scent free information for further details:


This year's keynote speaker is Yvonne Atwell

Our theme this year:  Women's Rights and Family Values!

Yvonne Atwell is from the Atlantic Centre of Excellence for Women's Health.

In lieu of a registration fee, this year we have chosen to contribute to:

Bryony House

Bryony House is a transition house offering safety and shelter for women and childre in, or fleeing from abusive intimate relationships.

Your contributions of clothing, unscented toiletries, children's toys, etc., are appreciated!


More Information

Limited parking behind the hotel.  (Cost is $10.00 for the day)  Buses #7, 9, 18, all stop at the corner of South & Barrington Streets.

Lunch Options:  There is a restaurant and a cafe in the hotel.  The Westin will be offering Lunch again at $10.51.  Lunch includes corn chowder, sandwiches, desserts and tea/coffee, tax and gratuity. 

Other eating establishments close to the hotel are Cafe Chianti, Tomasino's, Taj Mahal and the Superstore Cafe.