International Women's Day 2006


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The International Women's Day Organizing Committee is thrilled once again to offer a great selection of workshop choices and learning opportunities.

Available Workshops for 2006

Please note that certain workshops have limited seating and that they may not be offered in all three sessions


1)     Car Care Clinic:  Ladies, get revved up about your car! Get more familiar with the basic maintenance of your vehicle. Facilitator: Sandy Sinnott (Session B & C)


2)     Eldercare 101:  We will give you some tips to make caring easier and describe who qualifies for respite (a break from caregiving responsibilities) provided by the government. Facilitator: Sharon Reashore, Executive Director, Caregivers Nova Scotia (Session A)  This workshop is filled up.


3)     Ten Secrets to Healthy Eating:  Come and discover these ten secrets and you will also get to taste (morning group only) a great quick and easy meal idea! Facilitator: Laurie Barker Jackman, Dietitian with Sobeys (Session A& C)  These workshops are filled up.


4)     Personal Safety and Internet Safety for Parents:  Learn how to increase your level of personal and Internet safety. Facilitator: Tanya Chambers, Halifax Regional Police, Community Relations Crime Prevention. (Session A)


5)     Introduction to CFQ Healing QiGong:  Meridian Movements and Meditation. QiGong is a consciousness expanding technique integral to traditional Chinese medicine with roots in Taoism and Buddhist meditation. Facilitator: Dana Marcon, Owner, Kaizen Coaching and DM Personal Training and Medical Exercise Clinic (Session A & B) Note:  These workshops will be held at the Dartmouth Sportsplex   These sessions are filled up.


6)     Trauma and Grief:  This workshop will discuss the grieving process, the differences between sudden and anticipated death and the impact of trauma on grief. Facilitator: Dr. Diane Hetherington, Ed. D., RMFT, Family Therapist, Breakthrough. (Session B & C)  These sessions are filled up.


7)     Home Remedies and the Naturopathic Road to Health:  Learn how you can manage pain, enhance your energy, and achieve optimal overall health with the healing approaches taken by Naturopathic Doctors.  Facilitator:  Dr. Jodi Brown, ND (Session B & C) Dr. Jodi Brown was very kind and she allowed us to increase the size of this very popular workshop.  Please note that there are very few seats remaining.


8)     Dealing with Conflict:  In this interactive session, you will be introduced to a new way of looking at conflict and learn how to have those difficult conversations you may have been avoiding. Facilitator: Donna Clark (Session B & C) Both workshops are now full.


9)     Spirituality in the Workplace:  An introduction. Facilitator: Crystal Taylor (Session A & B)   These workshops are full as of Wednesday, January 25.


10) Wills and Estate Planning:  Careful planning allows you, rather than the government, to make decisions about your estate and the guardianship of your children. Facilitator: Kim Johnson (Session A Only)


11) Shake It Dance:  Bring dance and exercise to a whole new level. Come join Leslie and move to Latin rhythms like Salsa, Tango, and Cha Cha. Facilitator: Leslie Carvery (Session A, B & C) Session B is for first-time participants only.  Note: These workshops will be held at the Dartmouth Sportsplex  There are a few spots remaining in the C session but Worshop A and B are now filled up.



12) Stretching the Already Stretched Dollar:  Credit Counselling. Avoid financial pitfalls and climbing out from under debt. Facilitator: Jocelyn Brown (Session A & B)


13) Financial Planning:  Tips on how to plan your financial future with confidence. Facilitators: Allison Edwards and Susan Springett (Session A)  This workshop is filled up.


14) Moving Forward - Working with a Professional Life Coach:  Join coach Lara Morris in an introduction to working with a professional coach and steps you can take to move forward in your personal and professional life. Facilitator: Lara Morris  (Session B & C)  These workshops are filled up.


15) Reclaiming the Joy in the Age of Depression:  Understanding and managing depression: A focus to overcome inner conflict. Facilitator: Dr. Julie MacManus (Session B & C)  These workshops are filled up.


16) Parenting Strategies:  For those with small and elementary aged children. Facilitator: Natalie Downey (Session C)  This workshop is filled up.


17) Parenting Strategies:  Teaming Up with your Teen. Facilitator: Natalie Downey (Session A & B)


18) Toast Masters:  Learn to Speak Out with Toastmasters: Interested in public speaking but afraid to speak out? Toastmasters can help you develop better speaking and presentation skills; learn to think quickly and clearly on your feet and build strong leadership abilities. Facilitators: Tami Guthro, Cindy Slade and Karen Beehan. (Sessions A & C) These sessions are filled-up.


19)The Spiritual Side of Yoga.  Ancient Wisdom in the Modern World.  Discussion and simple yoga exercises for meditation, energy and chakras, oneness and enlightenment.  Participants are asked to bring a towel or yoga mat to the seminar.  Facilitator:  Mandee Labelle (Session B only)  Note:  This workshop will be held at the Dartmouth Sportsplex  This workshop is filled up.


20)Everyday Yoga & Yoga in the Workplace:  Stretching, strengthening, breathing, meditation, and relaxation to optimize health and well-being. Participants are asked to bring a towel or yoga mat to the seminar. Facilitator:  Mandee Labelle (Session C) Note:  This workshop will be held at the Dartmouth Sportsplex.  This workshop is filled up.